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10 Ways to be more Productive with Vehicle Tracking Devices

Businesses that view vehicle tracking as an investment quickly realise a substantial return on investment. Although many companies hesitate to spend the money on fleet tracking systems, case studies show that they can help companies become more productive and profitable. The following ten ways illustrate how vehicle tracking increases productivity.

1. Employees instantly know they must account for their time and behaviour. Suddenly, they choose the fastest and most direct routes when they travel for the company. Employees can work during the time they previously malingered on the road.

2. Employees become more efficient, boosting the performance of their employer. With tracking, drivers complete more deliveries, sales visits and other jobs in less time. They know if they don’t get their work done, their boss can review their activities.

3. Faster service results in higher levels of customer satisfaction. Better customer retention means a business can grow and become more efficient.

4. Fleet tracking systems reduce the mileage put on company vehicles, extending their lives for business use.

5. Companies with tracking systems often qualify for lower insurance rates, reducing the cost of fleet operations.

6. Employees drive monitored vehicles responsibly, knowing that they are accountable for excessive speed. Fewer crashes mean more vehicles are on the road earning money for the company.

7. After tracking devices eliminate personal errands in company cars, employees spend more time working. This increases productivity and reduces fuel bills.

8. Fast recovery of stolen vehicles means companies have less down time and lose less productivity when thefts occur.

9. Employees spend more time working and less time loafing, so businesses reduce their overtime costs.

10. Businesses can become liable if employee dishonesty causes loss for their customers. Tracking systems make sure inspectors, security personnel and other employees make their rounds rather than go shopping.