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3 Ways Vehicle Tracking Reduces Unnecessary Payroll Spending

Vehicle tracking devices are not only a wonderful asset tracking tool, but they can also be used to reduce unnecessary payroll spending. They maintain employee accountability while your workers are on the clock. These are just a few ways that implementing a vehicle tracking program at your business can save you from overspending on work that hasn’t been earned by your employees.

One reason to monitor your employees while on the road is to ensure that the mileage they report is accurate. An employee might have a desire to detour from their route or veer off the path to their destination to make personal stops or run errands. This discrepancy would be reported by the vehicle tracking device giving you the opportunity to correct it before issuing payroll.

Another reason to use vehicle tracking devices is to monitor the time spent on an extended trip. If an employee is given an allowance to be used for a hotel stay, you will be able to see whether or not they actually stayed all of the nights they reported. Employees aware they are being monitored will be less likely to leave a day early and make the drive back without reporting the unused hotel allowance.

Finally, vehicle tracking devices can be used to determine if your employees were operating a fleet vehicle irresponsibly. If an accident were to occur, the tracking device would be able to report the exact location. The liability for the cost of the accident could fall on the employee rather than the employer if it occurred at a location other than the business route.

Vehicle tracking is a way to boost trust between employees and employers by removing the temptation for dishonesty. Rather than having to address the issues listed above, you’ll find that they become a non-issue. Increasing accountability for your employees will ultimately decrease unnecessary payroll spending.