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5 Vehicle Tracking Features your Business Needs

The use of vehicle tracking can benefit your business by giving you information about the whereabouts of your business vehicle at all times. This allows you to decrease the downtime for vehicles that are on the road.

Starts and Stops
This is a feature that is included with vehicle tracking systems that allows you to see each time engines on your vehicles have been turned on and off. The system records key information for the ignition that you can view in a detailed report. This allows you to see how many times that the vehicle’s engine was turned on and turned off.

Daily Usage
This is a breakdown of the daily travel information of a vehicle. This includes the starting position and the ending position for each of your vehicles. You are able to see the total travel time for a vehicle with the moving time, idle time and off time of the engine. The total mileage and the maximum speed is also available for every day of the week.

Driver Analysis
The driver analysis is a report that is similar to daily usage but is available for a specific driver. You are able to view maximum speed that was driven, the duration of the trip, the amount of time your vehicle is at idle and the total distance driven by a driver. This allows you to do a comparison with other drivers of your vehicles at any point in time that has been recorded.

Mobile reporting
When you are on a business trip vehicle tracking systems allow you to access live reports by using your iPhone or a mobile phone with the Android operating system. These reports are available using apps for your mobile device. The apps are typically downloaded from the application store for your specific mobile device. This data can be refreshed to see the most recent data that is available.

Integrated Maps
These are integrated into vehicle tracking systems that allow you to see the location of the driver or the vehicle on a map. A link to the map is included on reports that you can view. Selecting a link will show you the exact location that is based on information that is included in the report.