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Must have Vehicle accessories

Here at Fleetsmart, we’re experts when it comes to providing software enabling you to monitor a whole fleet of vehicles and drivers should you need it, but we also offer a wide and varied range of accessories to fit either on or inside the cars themselves. These not only provide additional functionality to our software, but ensure a certain extra degree of safety and assurance that even though responsibility may lie ultimately with you, there’s a whole world of preventative measures keeping your drivers going as they should be.

Our in vehicle cameras are perfectly suited to act as witness cameras, to ensure that your drivers are never the victim of an unfair claim, and to ensure that they conduct themselves properly and safely upon the road lest they face penalisation by you, their employer. They provide crisp, clear-cut images even in all the dark and wet conditions you might find the road in, and their size and compatibility with our software make them perfect companions for any size of vehicle.

It’s not always advisable to use a hands-free car kit whilst on the road, but when driving for a vehicle based company it’s often inevitable that your drivers will have to take calls from you, even if just to receive quick updates or redirections to save both time and money. Our hands-free kits are as unobtrusive and easy to use as possible, so that you’ll never have to be distracted as you drive.

A vehicle is most likely to encounter an accident, or cause one, when it is reversing and therefore reducing the sight in the direction the vehicle is moving – especially if the driver is behind the wheel of a larger commercial vehicle. We offer our own range of reversing and rear parking sensors exactly to help prevent those kinds of accidents, with a whole range of options to make sure the sensors are a seamless fit in your vehicle.

Fleetsmart is a company specialising in effective and dependable vehicle tracking software and devices, and whilst we may have a comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all things to do with it, we also offer a considerable range of accessories to accentuate and complement its many features. If you’ve invested in our product, or even if you’ve yet to do so, make sure you also look over our cameras, kits and sensors as you’re sure to find the ideal match for what you want or need. Get in contact with us for any advice or discussion, and we’ll be able to share what we know with you.