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Businesses that rely on shipping and transport of products can be more efficient by monitoring vehicles on the road. This can help your business to decrease operating costs by comparing information for your vehicle to time sheets of your drivers. Vehicle tracking systems use GPS data to provide information on vehicles and their use each day.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

When you have a fleet with as few as 10 or as many a 200 vehicles, information can easily be collected by using a vehicle tracking system. These systems are web-based and allow you access to many reports that you can view anywhere you have an internet connection. Applications are available for the iPhone and mobile phones that use the Android operating system.

Business Vehicle Tracking

Vehicles that are provided to employees to drive on trips can have a tracking system installed to update you of daily progress. This system can also be used to allow family members to easily determine where you are if an emergency arises. Monitoring these vehicles allows you to verify that the passengers have arrived at their destination safely.

Business Machinery Tracking

Machinery that is used for landscaping, such as an excavator or dump truck, can use vehicle tracking to monitor progress. You can also use vehicle tracking to quickly locate a piece of machinery in the event that it is towed away or stolen. This information will also alert you if the battery has been disconnected or have been moved without proper authorisation. This information is available by using a laptop with an internet connection or on a mobile phone.

Additional Information

Vehicle tracking systems have a user friendly interface that allows you to easily find and view available reports and information. These web-based systems may also integrate with Google Maps to show the location for each vehicle on a map to track its route. You can also view the current location with Google Street view.


Many options extras are available with tracking systems to aid in efficiency. You can choose to include in-cab messaging and satellite navigation. These systems will require the use of a roof-top antenna that needs to be installed on each vehicle.