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Conquer Winter Disruption with GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be a really rewarding line of work. However, as with everything it doesn’t come without its problems. From motorway congestion at peak travelling times to driver error, there is a whole roster of things that could potentially disrupt a journey and lead to unhappy customers.

Unfortunately, this will only get worse as winter progresses. General motorway congestion is made worse by adverse weather conditions and as drivers become restless, it can result in them driving recklessly and causing accidents.

With an unrelenting band of rain forecast to batter the UK for the rest of the week and a snow flurry set to hit us later in the month, ensuring your fleet is prepared for the worst and armed with ways to stay on track is more important than ever.

This is where Fleetsmart comes in. Whether your business is a taxi firm, delivery business, security firm or another type of company where vehicles are the lifeblood of your organisation, our vehicle tracking software can help.

A flexible solution guaranteed to reduce fuel costs, improve your level of service and boost productivity; Fleetsmart is the ideal way to keep business output consistent during adverse weather conditions and busy periods.

Our vehicle tracking devices utilise sophisticated GPS technology to track not just a vehicles position, but your employees’ driving habits and performance. It’s when you combine this information that you can then start:

  1. Reducing admin costs, unnecessary phone calls and guess work with one-click access to your fleets activities. You’ll receive live updates every time one of your vehicles or assets changes position, whether you’re using your mobile or a desktop computer.
  2. Reducing your annual fuel spend by up to 10% with driver profiling. Fleetsmart will log instances of harsh braking and harsh acceleration while also analysing your fuel costs, creating a complete profile of where potential savings could be made.
  3. Getting your drivers back on track after motorway delays by using a mapping system to advise them of an alternative route. Crucially, this can all be done without interruption or distraction.

Intelligent and unique, our GPS vehicle tracking software really does guarantee you the best. Easy to understand and incredibly simple to use, you don’t have to be a technology pro to use Fleetsmart, just a business owner who wants their fleet and customer satisfaction to be the best in the business. We even offer a range of tailor-made packages designed to deliver the most effective level of service and performance.

Would you like to find out more about Fleetsmart and how we can help your business? Call our friendly and knowledgeable team on 0161 883 1133 today.