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Customer Service in the 21st Century

Delivering quality products and services to clients is the price of entry in providing quality customer service in the 21st century. Technology has brought new and exciting business opportunities to a variety of online vendors, retailers and other entrepreneurs. While internet-based sales have grown dramatically in the last decade, ensuring quality customer service and timely, efficient and cost-effective delivery of those sales has become an issue.
Enter vehicle tracking processes. With fleets of delivery vehicles crossing the country to ensure demands of online consumers are met, it is more important than ever to employ cost-effective and safe measures to monitor and control delivery processes. With GPS vehicle tracking, fleet management functions such as dispatch, on-board information management, routing and security can be handled more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Fleet operators can now maintain tight control over such diverse problems as:
• Unauthorized or off-route driver excursions
• Driver emergency assistance
• Schedule adherence and delay mitigation
• Route changes and updates
• Vehicle theft recovery

There are plenty of other issues that were once handled manually that can now be employed using GPS vehicle trackers. All of these problems are handled more quickly and efficiently with the software provided by companies that offer vehicle tracking systems. By providing a steady stream of useful information to fleet operators and dispatchers, vehicle tracking systems allow fine-tuning of even the most complex routes and schedules, and allow adjustments to be made at a moment’s notice.

All of these advances improve the customer experience at each contact point. More efficient routes and emergency assistance processes mean more consistent delivery schedules, and a lower average delivery time. Less unauthorized driver excursions, speedier vehicle theft recovery and ensuring schedule adherence and delay mitigation means more cost-efficient deliveries, allowing more consumer savings. By utilizing the incremental improvements provided by vehicle tracking software, delivery companies and others with even small vehicle fleets can realize real monetary savings. Passing those savings on to clients provides competitive advantage, and makes all delivery-based businesses run more smoothly.