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Dispatch Orders Promptly and Efficiently

The amount of deliveries which have to be made before Christmas arrives is unbelievable; and the cut off point for all parcels, letters and cards is the 20th December; so if you need to post gifts to loved ones around the country then you had better be quick! It is up to the drivers to make sure that presents are dispatched in plenty of time; so if they encounter any setbacks and delays then this could prove to be unfortunate. Even if there is nothing they can do to avoid road works and tailbacks on the motorway it is still their responsibility to guarantee that gifts are delivered to your door promptly and efficiently. Fleetsmart will furnish you with the latest GPS vehicle tracking equipment, which is ever so simple to operate and comes complete with an extremely reasonable price tag. Vehicle tracking solutions can plan routes down to the most minor detail and you can record and monitor the movements of your fleet with consummate ease. The reason why we are a byword for top of the range GPS vehicle tracking equipment is due to the fact that we constantly update and review our catalogue of products and are fully aware of the latest modes and trends, as we always keep our finger on the pulse.

If a van breaks down unexpectedly or takes a wrong turn, then you will be notified of this immediately as you can view their progress and see if there are any alternative paths to take which may make your working life less stressful and pressurised. No one can predict whether it is going to be icy and potentially dangerous on the roads, as our climate is unpredictable at the best of times; so you need to be prepared for all conditions. With these bespoke vehicle tracking solutions you can create comprehensive reports, add points which relate directly to your business and even conserve fuel by cutting costs by as much as 10%. These devices will reduce your carbon footprint substantially and save valuable time and money as they have been created entirely for your convenience. If you want to find out more about our services then just give Fleetsmart a call today on 0161 883 1133.