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Effectively Track Your Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment refers to large vehicles such as those used in construction and large engineering projects like bulldozers, cranes and loaders. They are often very sizable investments and significant assets to a business, which is why it is absolutely essential for you to know where they are at all times and keep them secure. In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at how you can effectively track your heavy equipment.

Know Where Your Vehicles and Equipment Are

When you manage a fleet of vehicles and heavy construction equipment, you need to know where everything is at all times in order to help you make better and more informed decisions. Underutilisation of equipment can result in significant losses of both time and money. 

With Fleetsmart heavy equipment tracking, you’ll have an accurate view of where all of your assets are at all times, helping you to locate your crews easily and reallocate assets when needed, boosting utilisation and productivity. Thanks to Fleetsmart’s advanced and sophisticated technology, you can location updates every minute with a 5m accuracy.

With this improved visibility, you can make smarter and more informed decisions about how each asset is used and plan better routes between sites.

Identify Underperforming Assets

A dot on a map will tell you where your heavy equipment is located but with Fleetsmart, you can learn so much more, including where your assets may be underperforming.  

With our real time vehicle updates and reports, you can see when your equipment is running and when it is sitting idle, giving you a complete picture of how often your equipment is being used and whether they are helping to deliver an acceptable return on investment. By monitoring asset usage on a per job basis, you can get an idea of how much is it costing you for each piece of equipment to carry out specific jobs, helping you to develop more accurate quotes, making sure you aren’t undercharging and potentially increasing profits.

Improve Working Hours Accuracy

Gone are the days where your employees have to manually fill in a paper time sheet as they clock on and off. With the data provided by Fleetsmart’s detailed vehicle reports, you can see the times your staff started and finished working for more accurate working hours. This can help you to improve payroll and customer billing. 

Improve Safety

As a fleet manager working in the construction industry, safety is likely one of your greatest concerns. Fleetsmart’s driver behaviour telematics can help you to see where employees may be driving unsafely by speeding and braking too harshly, allowing you to address these issues before they become more serious problems. You can also review each journey in detail with our Journey Replay feature.

Knowing the vehicle they are driving is fitted with a tracking device typically also acts as a great deterrent to drivers who may speed regularly and makes them more cautious, improving the safety for themselves, the vehicle and everyone around them.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Vehicle and Heavy Equipment tracking can be a great way to improve efficiency and fuel economy, helping you to cut costs and reduce your impact on the environment. With Fleetsmart’s heavy equipment tracking, you can monitor your employees’ driving style, making sure they aren’t driving inefficiently. 

According to Confused.com, for every minute spent idle, you could be burning between 1.077 to 2.13 ounces of fuel, adding up to around half a gallon of fuel every year. Similarly, drivers who accelerate and brake harshly and quickly use much more fuel than those who drive smoothly. With this information, you can offer extra training and guidance where needed to ensure all your drivers are driving as efficiently as possible.

Preventing Heavy Equipment Theft and Unauthorised Use

In April 2020, the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) announced a 50% surge in construction crime rates compared with the previous month. Even before this drastic increase, it was estimated that construction site theft was costing the industry £800m a year.

In a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), 92% of respondents claimed they had been affected by theft and a shocking 21% reported experiencing weekly site robberies. As a result, the construction industry has been advised to tighten security measures to defend their sites and protect their valuable assets. 

With an advanced vehicle tracking system such as Fleetsmart’s, you can significantly improve your security levels. Thanks to tools such as Geo-Fences, you will receive a notification when a vehicle exits or enters a location it shouldn’t, between specific times, alerting you to unauthorised operation. From there, our optional remote immobilisation add-on stops the engine from restarting once it is next turned off, stopping a thief from getting very far.

Once you have identified that your equipment is being used and prevented it from getting any further, you can track it down using advanced GPS tracking and alert the police of its location to be recovered.

European Tracking

Is your heavy equipment used outside of the UK? If so then European tracking is the ideal solution for you. Our European tracking feature allows you to monitor your vehicles and heavy equipment across Europe. With an optional roaming add-on and time zone support, you can continue to run reports, track real-time locations and receive alerts to your device as you would in the UK.

For more information and tips, why not check out the rest of our help and advice centre, or get in touch today.