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Email & SMS Alerts with Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking systems give employers the ability to monitor employee behaviour, account for company assets and provide efficient services. Business owners and managers can log onto the vehicle tracking website at any time to see the whereabouts of their vehicle fleets. Service providers give employers the option to receive updates and alerts about their vehicles via email and SMS messaging that provide extra value to subscribers.


Some employers spend a lot of time away from their office, so they do not have the luxury of monitoring vehicle activities during the day. Email and SMS alerts give these employers an easy way to stay connected with their businesses when they do not have access to online tracking software.

Business owners and managers can choose to receive email and SMS alerts that provide daily reports and analyses by either fleet or driver. Users can configure these alerts by logging into their secure online accounts.

Historical Records

Although Web-based tracking applications provide built-in historical reporting, some people want to have separate records of vehicle and fleet performance stored in their email accounts or phones. Automatic alerts make recordkeeping fast and easy.


Subscribers can decide what kind of email and SMS alerts they want to receive. They can choose to receive periodic fleet and vehicle status reports, or they can choose to receive notification when vehicles speed, venture outside of their service area or exhibit unusual behaviour. Powerful choices available in software menus allow all users of tracking systems to decide what types of alerts to receive.

Other Options

Vehicle tracking systems come with other mobile options for subscribers. For example, special applications provide real time vehicle tracking to users of iPhones and Android-powered smart phones. These convenient apps leverage the power of modern mobile devices, so employers can have the power of desktop tracking from any location.