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Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Large or small we cover it all

Fleetsmart is the ultimate fleet and asset monitoring solution
and is completely flexible to suit the size of any business.

We offer tailored packages to suit your business and volume
discounts are available. Just ask!

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Tailored packages with

volume discounts

As much as we know how essential fleet tracking can be, we
also understand that every business is different and as such
will have different fleet vehicle tracking needs. So along with
our Standard, Professional and Asset packages we can offer
a bespoke solution for your tracking requirements
and budget.

Volume discounts are also available.

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Tracked updates every

minute of everyday

With our state-of-the-art GPS vehicle tracking you can
gain complete worldwide visibility of your fleet with 60 second
live updates. Along with 5m accuracy and even Google Streetview
you can pinpointyour fleet from a single view and ensure every
aspect of vehicle tracking is under control.

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Available on any device

at any time

We have developed the most intuative vehicle tracking user interface
that enables you to track vehicles and assets quickly and simply!
This has been developed for all devices, meaning that no matter
where you are you never loose contact with your fleet.

Scheduling Email and SMS alerts will ensure you retain full control
all day, every day.

Gain complete worldwide visibility over your fleet

At Fleetsmart we’re able to offer our vehicle fleet tracking customers’ state-of-the-art vehicle tracking solutions, with all of our fleet tracking systems and devices using the latest technology to give you vehicle fleet management you can rely on.

  • Save fuel & cut your annual spend by up to 10%
  • Save time by reducing driving hours, idling time, unauthorised use and unecessary overtime
  • Reduce risk by monitoring driver behaviour
  • Improve customer satisfaction by giving customers realtime information and greater visibility.
  • Increase fleet safety with our remote immobilisation feature and alert system
  • Reduce costs by taking advantage of our tailore packages and volume discounts


Real-time Updates

When you come to us for vehicle fleet tracking you’ll be able to enjoy GPS fleet tracking systems that come complete with GPS to give you real-time information. Position, Speed, Status, are all only a single click away. Use Fleetsmart to rewind the map to any point in history. Replay Journeys & Plot Vehicle History. Play, Rewind, Fast forward through time.

5m Accuracy

By using GPS vehicle tracking you can get up-to-the-minute mapping with 5m accuracy so you can pinpoint your fleet. Updates are pushed directly to you instantly every time a vehicle or asset changes position; without the need to refresh or reload the page.

Google Mapping

Fleetsmart uses Google Maps Premier to give you the very best view of exact locations by the minute every single day and has satelite, steer view and hybrid view options as standard and because we’re partnered with Google Maps we can offer you vehicle fleet tracking with something a bit extra. As well as being able to see the route marked out on-screen, with our fleet vehicle tracking you’ll be able to follow the vehicle as if you were driving it yourself to offer you fleet tracking systems of exceptional quality and control.

European Tracking

 With our optional roaming add-on and time zone support you can track your fleet worldwide, Track real time vehicle locations, Run reports and receive alerts wherever your vehicles are.


We understand that vehicle fleet management isn’t a one-size-fits-all area, and that’s why we always offer bespoke fleet vehicle tracking packages to precisely meet all vehicle fleet management requirements. Our vehicle tracking solutions can be tailor-made to suit your needs, business size, business type and budget, so whatever you need from fleet vehicle tracking make sure to come to us and we’ll gladly accommodate.

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Fuel Saving

Did you know you know that without Fleetsmart installed you are potentially overspending on fuel? Pioneering features such as driver profiling, fuel cost analysis reports, the reduction of harsh braking and harsh acceleration means that customers opting for a Fleetsmart system are saving on average of 10% annually on their annual fuel bill.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

The fitting of our vehicle tracking devices often reduces insurance premiums as you have the ability to instantly see your fleets whereabouts and monitor speed.


With the Fleetsmart product range you ensure everything is running smoothly. Enabling you to save driving hours & unnecessary overtime through  accurate reports on driver behaviour, including idling to unauthorised stops . We can also save you time and improve your vsibility which in turn helps you to reduce admin costs, unnecessary phone calls or guesswork with your entire fleet.

Available anytime

 A fully web based system with no need for any additional software, all that is required is a connection to the Internet. Our mobile website makes tracking your fleet even easier and is compatible across devices.


We utilise a full alerts system that can be setup to your requirements. Get desktop, email or even SMS alerts for activity such as speeding, idling and security.

Add Ons

We have a range of other products that sit neatly alongside our tracking systems, from in vehicle cameras, hands free car kits and reversing sensors we install and support them for the duration of your contract so you have everything you need to support your fleet.


We offer a full report suite that offer both overview information right through to detailed reports that give each and every position, speed, fuel usage and much more. Create your own bespoke reports using our reports wizard based upon Date/Time, Report Type, Vehicles and Export Type. Run Reports in seconds based upon vehicle history which become instantly available. No waiting for reports to be emailed to you.

Bespoke Integration

Fleetsmart is owned and develop in house which gives us the ability to tweak and develop features based around customer needs. We are more agile than many providers in this respect.

Customer Satisfaction

Instantly resolve any disputes related to arrival time. Setup alerts to inform your customers directly when a vehicle is approaching their location. Give them access to view the approaching vehicle on a map. The possibilities are endless.

Improved Security

Whilst encouraging improvements in driving habits, vehicle tracking has been shown to reduce road safety. Our alerts system also provide security notifications and with an remote immobilisation feature the security of your fleet is ensured.


Installation is covered by the Fleetsmart team and can be easily installed, set up and monitored. We offer a full warranty for the duration of your contract on all of our products.


The entire process in managed in house from initial ordering, installation, support, development and even more importantly the billing. Rental options are fully in house which means there is no 3rd party tied in.

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