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Fixed and Portable Van Tracking Hardware

We provide two types of tracking hardware. The first type is completely portable and can be simply placed in any car, truck, or van. They aren’t all that heavy or bulky so there is no need to sacrifice valuable space in delivery vehicles in favour of van tracking hardware. The neatly contained box can be used in a light truck one day and an executive smart car the next. However, there is a disadvantage to vehicle tracking hardware that is quite obvious and can be moved around – drivers can take it out of the van if they want to.

Another disadvantage to easily portable hardware is that car thieves can get rid of the vehicle tracking system that could be so helpful in apprehending them and returning the van to its rightful owner.

The second type of hardware is installed into the vehicle and can’t be removed without special tools and know-how. Of course, if a piece of our hardware stops working for any reason – including a clumsy attempt at removal – we’ll know about it pretty fast. Whilst it’s not so easy to switch the vehicle tracking hardware over to another vehicle, you can rest assured that the one with the hardware installed will be tracked wherever it goes.

The firmly embedded hardware isn’t bulky either, and if installed carefully it won’t be obvious to anyone who doesn’t know exactly what they are looking for. There is no reason your drivers should find out that the fleet they work with are tracked by GPS, unless of course you decide to tell them.