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What are the Benefits of Fleet Vehicle Tracking?

If you’re thinking about setting up vehicle tracking systems for your fleet of vans, lorries or company cars, it may interest you to know just how many benefits of vehicle tracking there is.

Fleetsmart can provide you with high-quality fleet tracking services, while you enjoy a number of benefits that will help improve efficiency, lower costs and keep accurate logs of the time your vehicles spend on the road.

Accountability and Safety of Employees

It is often misunderstood that employees will be resentful of a vehicle tracking system. However, you may find that employees are happy with the information being gathered, as it allows them to work smarter, not harder.

Vehicle tracking is a great way for you to help your employees be a bigger part of tracking their progress, as they can look at improving their productivity, with the information collected about the the vehicle they’re driving. Plus, you can subtly keep employees in check, as vehicle tracking can detect speeding and unscheduled stops.

As well as improving accountability, your employees that work alone, can feel safer. A driver in an emergency can be located easily and your tracking system will show you who is in each vehicle, when and where they are. This will help give a company and their employees, peace of mind.

Helping Your Business

Importantly, vehicle tracking can help your business to develop and succeed. This covers many areas from the day-to-day running of the business, to emergency or one-off situations. Here are just a few things vehicle tracking can do for your business.

Clients will feel secure – Companies that have fleet tracking can suddenly become more attractive to potential clients, if they are installed with a vehicle tracking system. It makes the company seem more reliable and more efficient with their services.

Communication between managers and drivers – Fleet vehicle tracking can help to improve communication between managers and drivers, which is particularly useful for drivers who spend a lot of time away from their manager, on the roads.

Connect to your smartphone – Fleet vehicle tracking allows you to take your work on the go because you can easily connect your smart phone with your vehicle tracking system. You will never miss an update again.

Highlight vehicles left running – Vehicle tracking allows you to see if vehicles are still running when they shouldn’t be. This can help you save on fuel costs and allow you to feel relaxed when you’re away from your fleet.

Detailed Maps – There are many benefits that come with having detailed maps on your vehicle tracking system. As well as knowing where exactly each vehicle is at any time, you can also easily redirect drivers who are stuck in traffic. On emergency calls, you can send the closest vehicle.

Stolen property – Vehicle tracking is often a precautionary measure, but should you have a vehicle stolen, it is a big help to have vehicle tracking installed, as you can pinpoint a stolen vehicle straight away.

Accidents – In the event of an accident, having a vehicle tracking device installed can save you a lot of time and energy. You are more able to decipher reasons for an accident, and prevent them from happening in the future.

Insurance Premiums – Insurance premiums can be lowered with fleet vehicle tracking for a number of reasons. When your drivers are aware they are being monitored, their driving is likely to improve, lowering the number of accidents they are involved in and then lowering insurance premiums. Also, insurance companies are likely to give you a better quote when they are informed that you have a vehicle tracking system installed.

Lower Fuel Costs – There are many ways that companies who own a fleet can lower their fuel costs, many of which can be done with the assistance of vehicle tracking. Trends in routes can help drivers reduce their journeys and lower fuel cost, while tracking vehicle speed allows drivers to watch how their speed affects fuel consumption.

When you examine all of the benefits of vehicle tracking, it is no wonder many businesses are turning their attention to it. Fleet tracking has benefits for both drivers and managers alike, and overall will help to make everyday operations perform more efficiently and economically.