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Fleet tracking can catch out dishonest employees

While every boss would like to trust all their workers and does their best to hire honest and hardworking staff, there are some occasions in which suspicions arise.

In the case of firms that use cars, vans or lorries in order to deliver goods or services, vehicle tracking devices may be one way in which to allay such concerns.

This is according to John Mahoney, who noted in an Article Dashboard piece that fleet managers who are worried something could be wrong can use solutions like van tracking to keep tabs on their staff members.

He said: “Company managers can now track a driver’s response times, number and location of stops, and their speeds as they travel.”

Vehicle tracking systems can also be used to disable cars, lorries and vans if a manager is concerned something is wrong, the writer noted.

This can help in many instances, including those involving theft.

Not taking advantage of the technology available may lead to enterprises failing, Mr Mahoney went on to claim.

He said: “If the company is not successful, someone will always be waiting in the wings to take over and spend more money to make [it] more successful.”

The writer also pointed out that the cost of fuel is rising, which makes vehicle tracking all the more important. And with supplies of oil falling and pressures on policymakers to incentivise eco-friendly transport options, the price of petrol and diesel is not likely to decrease.

Commenting on the business case for investing in solutions such as van tracking, he remarked: “If you keep your vehicles on track at all times, it can make a difference in whether you turn a profit or whether you file bankruptcy.”

Given the tough nature of the business climate at present, it is likely firms will be looking to make savings and ways of keeping track of vehicles may be one way in which this can be achieved.