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Fleet Tracking to Form Part of Plan in Big Apple

Fleet tracking services are used by a variety of companies and other organisations around the UK.

Sometimes combined with vehicle tracking, it can be a good way for them to minimise the risks associated with investing in cars, vans, lorries or buses and it also helps to improve efficiency and productivity.

This means that the overall costs of transportation and staff can be reduced. Not only this, but it can also help ensure complete compliance with government legislation.

However, it is not only those in the UK who are making good use of this type of service.

Those across the Atlantic in the Big Apple have proved this point. Under the terms of a new programme, New York is planning to reduce the costs of its fleet for employees of the city.

As well as establishing new metrics for fleet tracking, the proposals will reduce the overall number of vehicles owned by the city.

A car sharing initiative is being implemented and the idea was announced by mayor of the capital Michael Bloomberg, deputy mayor for operations Stephen Goldsmith and transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.

Currently in its pilot stage, the programme will enable workers at the Department of Transportation to share the use of dedicated Zipcar vehicles for official business.

Mr Bloomberg stated: “Earlier this year, we announced a large-scale effort to make city government smaller, smarter and more sustainable – both environmentally and fiscally.”

He added: “An important component of that effort is looking at city-owned cars. A car share programme could help reduce the number of cars we use, cut our costs, free up parking on our streets and reduce the congestion on our streets, and the pollution in our air.”

Many organisations are currently seeking ways to reduce their running costs due to the economic conditions and investing in the management of fleets and on vehicle tracking are two possible factors that can help.