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Fleet Vehicle Tracking – ‘Green’ Credentials

In today’s world the pressures to be ‘green’ can feel constraining, particularly for small business, however you shouldn’t be daunted by environmental matters, and in fact a green strategy, as well as helping the environment, could also save you money.

Vehicle tracking systems might not be your first thought when choosing to optimise your business to be more environmentally friendly, however, whereas other strategies to help the environment are more gimmicky than green, the positive effects that fleet tracking can have on your business can be easily quantifiable.

This is because an effective vehicle tracking system, such as a Fleetsmart system, can help you usurp the control of your driver’s routes, and optimize them accordingly. This is possible because fleet vehicle tracking gives you an overview of your driver’s activity and whereabouts, both in real-time and in the form of reports.
This means that you can carefully attune the routes of your drivers to be more efficient, which on the one hand will save you in terms of cost, as well as decreasing the time to delivery,  whilst on the other hand will have a directly positive effect on your carbon output.

So acute is fleet monitoring‘s ability to help you help the environment, that its affect at limiting your carbon footprint is directly quantifiable, and using a system like Fleetsmart, you can reduce your carbon footprint on average by about 15%.