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Fleetsmart Launches Live Replay Facility

Fleetsmart, leading UK provider of live fleet vehicle tracking solutions and mapping features, have created a new replay facility which allows users to keep track of their vehicles in a more comprehensive way than ever before.

Customers will now be able to view vehicles on their map from any point in its journey, using fast forward, rewind and playback functions, which can monitor a number of vehicles, whether a single van or an entire fleet. The new replay facility works as if someone has been recording the journey, allowing users to keep track of which routes their vehicles have taken, where they have stopped, and assess arrival times, which may boost efficiency of future journeys.

The new fleet vehicle tracking facility is easy to use, presenting an aerial road map on which the vehicles being tracked are viewed from departure to arrival, logging a full history of the journey.

“This new replay facility will prove an essential tool in the future of vehicle tracking, whether a user wants to view a single vehicle, or their entire fleet,” says Chief Executive of Fleetsmart, Nick Wilkinson. “We currently provide vehicle tracking systems for clients across the UK and Europe, and this is sure to enhance our customers’ experience of using our products.  It is now easier than ever to keep track of your vehicles and ensure they take the best routes and to reduce the costs of contacting a driver to find out where they are.”