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Fleetsmart – Optimised for Your Buisiness

At Fleetsmart we understand every business is not the same; therefore we are committed to offering you a fleet tracking solution that works for you. This can be adapted to your specific requirements, guaranteeing a fleet tracking system that is 100% effective.

The reason why we are able to offer bespoke fleet vehicle tracking is that we have complete control over all aspects of our system; whether it’s the installation or the management of bills and airtime – relying on no 3rd party at any point of our operations. Therefore we are able to adapt every part of our fleet tracking system to correspond with your specific requirements, no matter how idiosyncratic.

Also built into our fleet vehicle tracking system, we offer certain features that personalize the functionality of our fleet tracking. For example, we allow you to create ‘points of interest’ which can be any location that is important to your company – such as recurring delivery locations, etc. You can also set up ‘alert zones’ which means that if a driver happens to stray outside of a pre-determined area you will be notified immediately – which means the delivery process can be streamlined on your own terms.

Alongside general functionality, such as real-time fleet vehicle tracking, we think elements that can be adapted to an idiosyncratic mode of operating are hugely important. Which is why we are committed to offering bespoke systems, which are the only way to guarantee fleet vehicle tracking that will work for you.