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Fleetsmart Takes Advantage of Network Merger

Here at Fleetsmart we are proud to announce that the latest  merger between Orange and T-Mobile will bring benefits to our all customers across the UK.  The merger between these companies brings the option of Network Sharing between the their two great mobile networks and enhanced UK coverage for all our vehicle tracking systems.

For our customers this will mean that any tracking unit purchased with us will now have the ability to roam between any mast operated by either T-Mobile or Orange UK.  This great enhancement means that all our tracking units now operate on the combined biggest mobile network in the UK.

Often when you sign up with a firm for vehicle tracking, you may find that due to sub standard mobile coverage, you may find your vehicle randomly disappearing off the map when its out of reach of the mobile network.  Operating on now the biggest mobile network in the UK allows us to guarantee that if you go with us for vehicle tracking, this will not happen to you and your business.