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Fuel Saving Tips and Advice

Reducing fuel consumption is a great way for a fleet businesses to save money. There are many ways you can save fuel, from the way you drive to the weight you carry. Here are some of Fleetsmart’s fuel saving tips and advice on how you can save fuel, whether you’re part of a fleet, or driving solo.

Plan Your Trips

Planning your trips in advance can help you save fuel because planning one all-round trip, rather than lots of little trips, will use less fuel. For fleet businesses, this is easy because most journeys are already planned in advance.

To assist with this, vehicle tracking systems can help you plan long journeys well in advance, allowing you to save money on fuel.

Lighten the Load

As a general rule, the more weight a vehicle is carrying, the more fuel it consumes. Anything that will help lighten the load, will you help you to save fuel, so try not to carry anything in your vehicle that you don’t need.

The same applies to fuel. Carrying excess fuel when you don’t need it is not always wise, as your vehicle is carrying around extra weight for no reason.

Maintain Your Vehicle

General maintenance of a vehicle can help you to save on fuel costs, in a number of ways. The better your car runs, the less fuel it will consume.

Excessive fuel consumption is often the result of a car that doesn’t run properly. So, regular check-ups and car maintenance is a sure-fire way to make sure you aren’t using more fuel than you should be.

Lowest Speed and Highest Gear

One of the best ways to save fuel while you’re driving, is to drive at the slowest speed possible, in the highest gear possible.

For efficiency driving tips like this, it may take a while to see results. But, it is the easiest way for you to make sure you’re not wasting fuel unnecessarily and you’re adopting the best driving techniques you can.

Don’t Drive Too Fast

The faster you drive, the more fuel you use, so speeding or driving too fast unnecessarily, will only result in a waste of fuel. Not to mention the fact that speeding is against the law.

If you’re a business owner, monitoring whether your drivers are speeding is easier with vehicle tracking. You can get notifications sent to your mobile, so you can see where speeding is costing you fuel.

Reduce Idle Time

Another thing vehicle tracking can help you with is reducing idle time. More fuel is used when you need to heat up an engine that has been cooled or turned off for a period of time.

If you reduce the number of times a driver stops, or how long they spend not moving, you will be able to save money on fuel, little by little.

Whether you’re saving fuel for a number of fleet vehicles, or looking to save fuel on your personal car, there are a few great ways you can do this by driving more efficiently. At Fleetsmart, we do our best to help people that drive for a living or employ drivers, to run their vehicles as economically as they can, which is always boosted by the use a vehicle tracking system.

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