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Heavy Plant Vehicle and Asset Tracking

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We’re always looking for ways to ensure our customers are given all the tools they need to effectively manage a vehicle-based business. No matter what that business may be, it’s our aim to make sure everything is as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

So, if your business utilises heavier vehicles such as plant equipment, or those used in mining, and you’re looking for a heavy vehicle tracking system, we’ve got what you need.

What Do Large Vehicles Need Tracking?

There are many benefits to installing a vehicle tracking system to anyone’s fleet of vehicles. From increasing efficiency, to improving safety, there is so much for you to discover with vehicle tracking.

Many vehicle tracking benefits relate to reducing costs and preventing theft. In general terms, large vehicles and plant equipment are very expensive assets to your business. This is why, at Fleetsmart, we think it is extremely important that businesses protect their valuable assets with tracking devices.

These devices allow you to know where every vehicle or asset is at any time, putting you in a better position and giving you peace of mind.

How Do Our Heavy Vehicle Trackers Differ?

As opposed to our standard trackers, our heavy plant solution has a number of unique features and tweaks that make it well suited for tracking large and heavy industry vehicles.

The hardware used is an upgraded from, taking full advantage of GLONASS satellite support, as well as GPS to give an improved degree of accuracy. Reports come in real-time, with as little as five seconds between each update, to make sure you’ll never be left wondering what’s happening on the ground.

As well as this, our heavy vehicle trackers have advanced point-of-interest features which give you the ability to segregate sites across small areas. We have a full list of heavy vehicle tracking benefits, for you to explore.

If you’re unsure of whether we have what you need, why not give us a call? Here at Fleetsmart, we not only provide our vehicle tracking software and devices for heavier applications such as mining, but for use on lighter vehicles such as the cars and vans which might play an integral role in your business. Let our expertise and comprehensive stock of knowledge give you the control you need to keep an eye on your employees, with all you need to know available at the push of a button. Get in contact as soon as you can! We have a dedicated, friendly, and highly professional team, who’d be more than happy to deal with any questions or queries you might have.