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How Do Vehicle Tracking Systems Work?

Most vehicle tracking systems are quite simple. At Fleetsmart we do a lot more than just the minimum, but the basis of all fleet tracking is a small piece of hardware fitted to the car or van. The hardware is contained in a simple and unobtrusive black box and installation is quick and easy. None of your driving staff need ever know that any kind of tracking system is installed unless you choose to let them know.

The little black box tracks its position every 60 seconds when the car is in use. The level of accuracy is pretty high, and can easily pinpoint position at street level, to within a tolerance of about 5 metres – not bad! Then, the technology sends out a radio signal to one of our special receivers.

You can access the vehicle tracking in real time through a web-based application to find out exactly where the car, truck, or van is now, and whether it’s stopped, idling, or in motion. The interface looks just like the kind of map anyone using online tools like Google Maps will be used to interpreting. Streets and roads are clearly labelled so it’s easy to see where the vehicle is. We can even add special points of interest to your fleet tracking system, tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Of course, you won’t want to spend all your time watching vehicles move around on a screen – no doubt you have better things to do with the working day. The positions of each vehicle are logged so the paths they have taken over the day are viewable later on.