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Improve Staff Productivity Using Vehicle Tracking Devices

Increasing staff productivity is a constant battle for many companies.  This is particularly true for fleet-based businesses, where it’s impossible to supervise the drivers at all times.  With ever higher targets to reach, the aim is to get staff to work at their full potential which remained motivated and valued in their job.  The first step in increasing staff productivity is to know where your staff are and what they are doing at all times of the day.  Vehicle tracking devices can help to achieve this.

Vehicle tracking devices are pieces of equipment that are placed into your drivers’ vehicles that enables their real time position to be sent to a central computer via GPS.  For an insignificant cost, you can install a system that will enable you to get a constant update of your drivers’ positions, accurately estimate arrival times for your customers, monitor your drivers’ speeds and even keep an eye on how long they are spending on their breaks.  The benefits of GPS fleet tracking far outweigh any costs involved.

Once your staff know that you’re aware of their whereabouts at all times, it’s only natural that their productivity will increase.  They will make much more of an effort to stick to schedules and limit their breaks.  Knowing that their speed is being monitored will also help them to improve their driving habits.  This will not only create a team of much better drivers, it will also help you to save money on fuel.