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Journey Replay – Optimising Delivery

In the uber-competitive world of e-commerce and delivery, any advantage that can be garnered at any point from point of sale through to delivery fulfilment will be significant. Therefore, a system like van tracking could give you that competitive edge that could make all the difference down the line.

At Fleetsmart, our vehicle tracking system offers everything that you’d expect from van tracking – plus some additional functionality, that might just garner you that all important competitive edge.

In particular, our van tracking system – alongside functionality such as reports and real time tracking – offers journey replays, which is a convenient way to accurately monitor a vehicle’s prior activity.

You might assume that the journey replays can only be made shortly after the journey has taken place. However, this isn’t the case, and even if you need to replay a journey which took place on day one of the installation of the vehicle tracking system – with our software it is possible.

So, perhaps you need to resolve an issue about a driver showing up late for a delivery, but the alleged activity took place long in the past? Well, with our van tracking it isn’t just possible to replay any journey – but it’s easy! Which is advantageous for customers, drivers and businesses.

Vehicle tracking
is just one of the ways in which our tracking systems are able to optimise the delivery process – which makes them potentially instrumental for an effective delivery.