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Keep Your Head above the Clouds

Oh dear, would you just look at the weather? Once again the British climate can’t seem to make up its mind about what it wants to do, and we find ourselves caught in an ever-unpredictable cycle. As soon as we’re used to the sun from the months to come we’re treated to a cold blast of rain from the last days of the spring season as they pass us by, and we here at Fleetsmart are certainly starting to wonder what exactly to pack when we leave the house.

Needless to say, the looming threat of bad weather which could appear with very little warning is a definite hazard for drivers. It’s a situation which begs the question: how exactly can we best prepare ourselves to deal with whatever may come? We believe we might just have the answer, rolled into one convenient package.

Our vehicle tracking devices offer the worldwide ability to monitor an entire fleet of drivers from a single view, such as your computer, tablet, and mobile devices such as iPhone and Android phones. This means that even if you’re on the move and are unable to stay in the office, you’ll still have an unmatched level of awareness as to what’s happening across the country and beyond. Set up alerts and notifications to let you know when something scheduled has occurred, and get real-time updates on the location, speed and status of your cars. You’ll even be able to look back in time, with our software able to rewind back to any moment that was recorded.

Whilst keeping your employees safe and secure is always the number one priority, as an added bonus you’ll be plotting the quickest and most fuel efficient routes by advising those drivers how to avoid the worst of the traffic. So naturally, when the weather decides to turn foul, you’ll be on hand to deal with the situation virtually at the push of a button. Sound good? Make Fleetsmart your first port of call.

Managing a fleet of drivers can be a huge amount of responsibility, especially when it lies solely upon you to monitor the situation and keep all of your employees as safe from harm as you can. Why not simplify things with vehicle tracking software and devices from Fleetsmart? Our GPS technology is guaranteed to give you the ability to closely monitor and take control of any situation, including the ability to steer your drivers away from potential hazards and into safe places when the weather poses a serious risk. If you’ve a need to stay on top of things, invest in our vehicle trackers today; you can find our contact details online, and our team is just waiting to take your call!