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Let Fleetsmart Benefit Your Business

Fleetsmart can provide you with vehicle tracking services in a highly efficient and professional manner, alongside a dedication to customer service you won’t find unsatisfactory, but you might wonder exactly what the benefits are when you invest in our software and devices. Well, wonder no more, as we’re proud to tell you exactly how we could help increase both productivity, safety, and fuel efficiency amongst your drivers!

Gain a complete visibility over your vehicles from just one view, whether that’s on your PC, tablet, or even your smartphone, and with virtually one click find out the position, speed and status of all your drivers in real time. Or, if you’re after learning where they were, you can look back in time by rewinding the map to any recorded point in history and replaying a journey either as it happened or in fast forward. The Fleetsmart interface is specifically created to provide an easy-to-understand and simplified view, which sacrifices nothing you need to know as a manager of a business heavily incorporating vehicles, and the software allows you to add points of interest so you’ll be able to see vehicles visiting these locations with ease.

We know responsibility for your drivers’ behaviour ultimately lies with you, and what a burden that can be, so we’ve also incorporated the ability to set up automated alerts in a number of forms. These can be desktop alerts, alerts via email, or SMS text messages which let you know if your employees are speeding, idling unnecessarily, or making unauthorised stops that you could find yourself penalised for. With the ability to monitor indiscretions you can make them a thing of the past, and alongside any accessories such as hands-free phone kits you can advise your drivers on alternate routes in such situations as when they need to avoid traffic or accidents. The benefits couldn’t be clearer, so what are you waiting for?

Here at Fleetsmart, we’ve a wealth of experience and a highly professional service when it comes to giving you the means to effectively and easily manage a fleet of vehicles no matter how large it may be. Our vehicle tracking software and devices can give you all you need to know at the push of a button, so why not get in contact as soon as you can? We can discuss exactly how best we can meet your every requirement, or our friendly team will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have for us!