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Oltec Group

Q. How many vehicles do Oltec have monitored by Fleetsmart?

A. 37

Q. How many users at Oltec operate the Fleetsmart user interface?
A. We have a state of the art control room monitoring all our assets. At any one time up to 15 people could be logged in and monitoring them in real time

Q. Describe one or two benefits you have drawn from our using our service that you value the most
A. The Google ‘street view’ feature enables us to see exactly what environment our staff are operating in at any given time and we also use some of the more standard features to ensure reported working hours tie up Fleetsmart reports. Without doubt there are large money saving implications in using the system to its potential

Q. How have those benefits impacted on the profitability or productivity of the fleet?
A. We saw a significant increase in productivity of the workforce very soon after implementing Fleetsmart. The fleet is now managed more tightly and therefore it goes without saying that the productivity has increased in line!

Q. Is there anything else you would like to see featuring on the Fleetsmart system?
A. In the future we may integrate our back office systems and incorporate a workflow system. Fleetsmart offer software bespoking to meet client specific needs

Q. Please provide in a couple of paragraphs, your overall summary of the Fleetsmart system
A. Fleetsmart as a company has proven to be a very worthwhile partner to our organisation. Fleetsmart as a software package has improved our response times and therefore productivity levels without doubt!

Mr. O. Cavaliere
CEO – AFC Group / Oltec Group