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Reasons to Install Fleet Tracking

There are plenty of reasons to install fleet tracking systems. The first is to make sure that the time you pay for (and the petrol in your vans, trucks, and cars) is being spent in the right way and to your advantage. If a driver needs to do overtime, that is just a fact of the business world, but if that same driver is wasting time during the day before picking up lucrative overtime in the evening because their work has not been completed, that’s a problem, and a problem you can solve.

Vehicle tracking can also alert you to vans and cars that are not where they should be. Vehicle misuse can be a serious problem and may be costing your business money – there is only one way to make sure one way or another, and that is to put a fleet tracking system in place. We can set up alerts for you, so a message will be sent to your phone straight away if one of your vans is out of the zone it should be operating in.

Real time GPS vehicle tracking systems don’t just tell you where your cars and vans are, they can also give you a good idea how fast they are going. If one of your drivers is speeding on the motorway, not only could that cost you money if they are caught, there could also be more serious consequences. For example, if that speeding vehicle should be involved in an accident, your business could be caught up in a very problematic and expensive legal battle. Fleet tracking can nip speeding drivers in the bud.