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Vehicle Security Extras For Your Fleet

At Fleetsmart, we’re proud to offer the latest and greatest in fleet tracking systems, to help businesses improve the efficiency and productivity of their fleet. Our customers get the very best in fleet tracking technology, and helping business owners improve driver and fleet safety, is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we not only offer state-of-the-art fleet tracking, but also a variety of vehicle security extras.

Our extras not only provide additional security, but also make life on the road easier to manage. Below are our best three recommended extras for you and your fleet.

In-Car Cameras

In-car cameras or dash-cams are becoming increasingly popular, because of their many benefits. People use them for safety, documenting journeys and catching unexpected moments. If you want to take extra precautions and ensure maximum safety for your drivers and your vehicles, an in-car camera is a great place to start.

Safeguarding employees is of the utmost importance to employers, particularly for employers whose employees work alone most of the time. Should an accident or emergency happen to a driver who is alone on the roads, it can give you peace of mind to know that everything that goes on in a vehicle is recorded.  

Should one of your drivers be the victim of an unfair claim, an in-car camera is a great way to determine whose fault an accident was, which can give you faster insurance claims processing.

Parking accidents are a common occurrence, sometimes made worse by a vehicle being large or cumbersome. Having the moment a parking accident happens caught on camera, is the easiest way to find the vehicle responsible. In-car camera footage is often used in court to provide proof of an accident like this.

Additionally, since in-car cameras are able to document full journey’s, your drivers are likely to drive more safely and efficiently.

Hands-free Car Kits

It isn’t always advisable to use hands-free car kits whilst driving, as they can still cause distractions whether they’re hands free or not. However, for vehicle-based companies it’s inevitable that you will have to contact your employees at some point, while they are on the road, whether it’s to receive quick updates or to pass on re-directs which will save you time and money.

We’ve made our hands-free kits as easy-to-use as possible, in order to make your drivers feel as safe as they can when taking your calls. Maintaining an active presence while your drivers are miles away, suddenly becomes a walk in the park with Fleetsmart.

Our smart hands-free kits are also unobtrusive, to help minimise distractions as much as possible.

Reversing Sensors

Car accidents commonly occur when a vehicle is reversing. You can protect your drivers from this common accident with Fleetsmart reversing sensors, another of our vehicle tracking add-ons.

Any reversing manoeuvre for a large vehicle is difficult, and once you start using reversing sensors, you will never go back. We have a range of reversing and rear parking sensors to help prevent accidents from happening. We also offer a range of fitting options, so there is a suitable device for every kind of vehicle. Whether your fleet includes vans, lorries, taxis or even bin lorries, we can find the perfect accessory to assist with reversing.

Here at Fleetsmart, we are experts in providing reliable and effective products for fleet vehicle businesses, which includes both our range of vehicle tracking systems and our range of extras like the in-car cameras, hands-free car kits and reversing sensors.

We recommend that all fleet vehicle companies invest in this kind of technology to improve safety, because the time and money that is saved from having these devices fitted, gives you a great return on your investment.