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Supporting Fleet Vehicle Tracking

At Fleetsmart we pride ourselves on being able to provide truly outstanding service and comprehensive IT and computing help. In fact, you just might be pleasantly surprised just how much we can help you with, even outside of fleet vehicles tracking hardware and services.

First and foremost, we provide a full installation service for all the van tracking electronics you’ll need to keep a close eye on all your vans, trucks, and company cars. We provide two types of hardware to enable fleet vehicle tracking – either portable units that can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle as necessary or fixed units that are installed in each individual vehicle and cannot easily be removed or tampered with. The choice of which style to go for is up to you – there are pros and cons to both methods – but whatever you decide, our experienced and capable staff will support you all the way, doing everything possible to get your new van tracking system in place as quickly as possible.

Unlike some other companies who lease equipment (and even technical expertise) from third parties, we own all the infrastructure used by our company. That means that if something goes wrong anywhere in the fleet vehicle tracking chain, we know how to fix it, and we will do so fast. If you’re having difficulties with the software, just get in touch and one of our experts will be there with the answer. At Fleetsmart we have the in-house expertise and the technology to help you get the best out of your tracking system.