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Tips For Effective Fleet Tracking

Effective fleet tracking is essential for any fleet-based business. As well as keeping your customers happy and your staff safe, vehicle fleet management can even help your business to save money. But in order to reap these benefits, your fleets need to be managed efficiently and expertly. Here are some tips for effective fleet tracking:

–   You should always use company-owned vehicles, rather than letting employees use their own vehicles and reimbursing them the costs. This will present a more professional image as well as ensuring that the driver has a vehicle that is suitable for the job.  It also reduces liability in the event of an accident.

–   Take as many steps as you can to minimise accidents.  Accidents can incur debilitating costs.  Only employ drivers that have good references, and implement regular road safety training. You could even provide incentives for safe driving.

–   The vehicles that you purchase for your fleet should be suitable for the job they are doing.  Don’t be tempted by expensive extra features.  Your fleet vehicles should be functional and inexpensive to run.

–  You should only ever have as many vehicles as you need in your fleet.  Having too many vehicles will only end up costing you money in maintenance and depreciation, without benefiting your business.

–  For effective fleet tracking, it’s essential that you’re continually aware of all your costs.  This will help you to plan effectively to lower them.  As well as direct costs, you could also incur costs from dissatisfied customers or drivers taking breaks.