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Top 3 Vehicle Tracking Features

In the past, it was the case that companies relying on fleets had to trust that their drivers were driving in the most efficient way possible. Thanks to increases in vehicle tracking and improvements to GPS tracking devices, this is no longer the case. Here are the top features of vehicle tracking software.

1. Replay Trips: This, by far, is one of the best features for vehicle tracking. Fleet tracking technology uses GPS tracking devices and stores location history. This means that the company management, owners, or any other interested parties can rewind the trips made by vehicles.

Thanks to this functionality, it’s easier than ever to track a fleet’s movements and stops. This helps improve efficiency and remove questions about the routes taken by drivers. It can be beneficial in real-time or when giving a driver instructions for future trips.

2. Tracking Entire Fleets: When used by themselves, GPS tracking devices introduce a useful and highly-precise way to monitor where a vehicle is and also ensure that it reaches its destination safely. When used as part of a vehicle tracking system, a network of GPS tracking device quickly becomes much more.

Using fleet tracking software, companies can monitor entire fleets. Gone are the days of having to individually check the status of every individual vehicle. It’s possible instead to pull up a unified view of where every driver is at. This gives a huge boost to a company’s efficiency.

3. Vehicle Messaging: The third feature of vehicle tracking that we’re going to discuss is vehicle messaging. This might ultimately prove to be the most useful feature of fleet tracking. One of the problems experienced by any company that has drivers in the field is driver inefficiencies. Drivers who speed can be a threat to others and also increase costs by burning more fuel. Similar problems apply to idling, and unauthorized stops can throw off the performance of the entire fleet.

With vehicle messaging, management can set up alerts to notify them of these issues. The alerts can be set up to come through email or text messages, and desktop alerts can also be configured. This makes it possible to correct a driver’s performance immediately instead of after the damage is already done.

There are many more features and benefits to vehicle tracking. Being able to replay trips, track fleets and receive alerts is just the tip of what tracking can do. It’s interesting to see how this technology has progressed over the years and how it helps companies out.