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Track Your Fleet – in Real-time

The modern world can provide instant results; therefore areas of a business that traditionally eat up time, such as delivery, need to be streamlined as much as possible. Vehicle tracking is perhaps the most effective tool for enhancing the delivery processes, and for reclaiming some of that all important lost time.

The beauty of GPS means it can offer instantaneous information relating to a vehicle’s location, which makes live tracking entirely possible. Therefore as part of our vehicle tracking system we see live tracking as fundamental, and the only way to get an immediate picture of the activity of your fleet.

But Why Would You Need to Track a Van’s Activity in Real-Time?

An issue that can be resolved as soon as it happens will be far less damaging than one that is left to stagnate. Therefore by keeping track of a vehicle’s journey as it happens you will be able to, for example, notify your drivers if they veer off the specified course or even break the speed limit you have set for a particular vehicle. This makes live vehicle tracking not just great way of solving issues but also pre-empting them before they occur.

Of course, there is great value in having a historic overview of a driver’s activity; therefore our van tracking system also offers functionality, such as activity reports which are able to delineate things such as fuel costs etc.