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Greater Visibility: Vehicle Tracking comes to Mobile Devices

It’s now possible to track a vehicle through the use of a mobile device, giving parents and business owners peace of mind and the ability to know where their children and employees are at all times. Vehicle tracking systems can turn certain kinds of phones into GPS tracking systems, giving users the ability to view real-time locations and information such as speed and headings.Parents of young drivers can track their vehicle and see if their son or daughter is driving over the speed limit or if they are driving outside of a designated area. Tracking systems will either send you an email or a text message alerting owners if something is amiss. This will come in handy in the unfortunate event that a vehicle is stolen or moved without the owner’s permission.

Delivery, transportation and trucking companies will be able to keep track of their drivers and will know when and where deliveries are being made. They’ll be able to see where and when their drivers work, allowing them to have more accurate records and documentation for stops, mileage and the like.

Private investigators will also find mobile tracking systems useful. They’ll be able to keep an eye on their charges without having to physically follow them, giving them an increased level of discretion as well as more time and attention to devote to other matters.

Most mobile tracking systems will only work on compatible smartphones. Some systems will give owners a history of speed alerts and other data as well as a variety of map options to choose from like road, satellite and a hybrid of the two. Owners can even download information onto their computers if they wish, which can aid with the dispatching efforts of delivery and transportation companies.