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Vehicle Tracking and Its Benefits

Vehicle tracking and GPS fleet tracking can be valuable tools for many businesses and organizations. While early tracking technology had significant limitations, modern vehicle tracking combines cellular transmitters and GPS technology to deliver real-time fleet tracking. The following guide explores how GPS tracking technology can benefit many companies and businesses.

It can be difficult to manage a large fleet of vehicles. In many cases, failure to track a vehicle’s real-time location can result in product theft, employee time theft, vehicle theft and more.

Product theft is often caused by poor inventory management during a delivery. In some cases, a delivery driver may take an unauthorized diversion to allow the offloading of goods. By loading extra product for a delivery, it may be possible to allow a third-party to steal goods from a delivery truck. While this will require collusion between a delivery driver and a third-party, this type of theft happens thousands of times a year.

A vehicle tracker will make sure that a company vehicle follows an authorized driving route at all times. In addition, it’s possible to monitor the driving performance of a delivery employee. In many cases, an employer will be responsible for any accidents caused by a reckless delivery driver. By using a professional vehicle tracking service, it’s possible to make sure that a delivery truck comes to a full stop at stop signs, drives at a proper speed and avoids congested driving areas.

It’s also possible to improve routing through a vehicle tracking service. Some companies deliver products along the same route every day. For example, a milk delivery service will usually deliver a specific order each morning to a retail store. When creating these delivery routes, it’s important to look for ways to maximize delivery efficiency. Vehicle tracking can help a company monitor how different routes impact delivery times. While a traditional GPS navigation system can be valuable, it can’t account for some driving factors that are tied to a city’s unique geographical features.

Vehicle tracking technology can be beneficial for many businesses and organizations.