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Vehicle Tracking System for Buses to be Improved

Vehicle tracking systems have a wide range of uses and can be used by companies and individuals alike. One of the markets for such products that is gaining strength at present is public transport. Businesses and local authorities responsible for providing such services are coming under increasing pressure to give accurate information to passengers. Also, having a GPS vehicle tracking system in place can make managing a fleet of buses, for example, much easier.

One organisation that is determined to use such technology effectively is Leicester City Council.

It already has a Star Trak provision in place but it is looking to improve this and, according to reports in the Leicester Mercury, it has invited bids from firms around the world that believe they are capable of achieving this.

Later this year, a seminar will be held at which interested parties will provide greater detail on how they would enhance the vehicle tracking systems.

At present, users of the service complain that it can be unreliable and this is something the local authority is eager to correct.

The city council’s traffic operations team leader, Ed Kocik, commented: “We’re pleased with the level of interest from companies hoping to work with us on the new Star Trak system. We want an accurate and cost-effective system and we’re looking forward to hearing what expertise these firms have.”

Among the countries that have businesses vying for the project are Spain, France, Germany and Canada. There are also three British companies that are keen to get involved.

GPS vehicle tracking systems are seen as particularly useful for public transport providers that operate in busy, congested towns and cities as it can be hard for them to stick to a given timetable. Despite this, dense urban areas are not the only locations in which such technology is utilised.