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Vehicle tracking systems can make life easier

Managers who have responsibility for fleet tracking have a difficult job, it has been pointed out.

Writing on, Kent Stabler noted that such individuals have to oversee issues such as health and safety, maintenance, financing, fuel efficiency, driver performance and vehicle location.

He stated: “Anyone who has ever had the task of overseeing a fleet of vehicles will know full well what a tough job it can be. Whether you are responsible for two or 102 vehicles a fleet manager’s job has never been easy.”

However, by using vehicle tracking options, bosses can lighten their workload and potentially reduce their stress levels.

The writer said such technology can monitor, measure and analyse vehicle and driver performance in real time, adding that it is suitable for a variety of enterprises.

He added: “From teams of sales reps, fleets of heavy goods vehicles, taxis [and] ambulances to pool cars, tracking systems provide you with instant and easy access to all the information you need to make informed fleet management decisions.”

Mr Stabler went on to claim that fleet management tracking systems are “professional, popular and highly effective” and can help make fleets more efficient and profitable – which is bound to be a welcome development.

They collect a range of information that can strengthen the decision making abilities of those in charge of a company, he stated.

For example, vehicle tracking solutions can collect data on the location of vans, cars and lorries. They can also make a note of speed, timings and idle time.

He also pointed out it can reduce the likelihood that bosses’ trust will be abused by staff members, commenting: “Don’t get left in the dark and allow people to abuse your property behind your back.”

And as global positioning systems become more and more sophisticated, the detail that can be made available to fleet managers increases.