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What are the Features of Vehicle Tracking?

You may well have heard of vehicle tracking and know some details about what it does. However, unless you have taken the time to investigate such products in more detail, you may not be aware of the full extent of the features it can include. For example, here at Fleetsmart we now provide Google Streetview tracking services.

We partnered with the search engine giant under the terms of a deal which means you can follow your vehicle along its route as though you were actually sat in the driver’s seat yourself. This hi-tech addition to our vehicle tracking system really brings a whole new dimension to the experience.

Meanwhile, vehicle tracking also comes with a powerful reporting suite, which is handy for keeping tabs on many activities. For example, you can get information such as whether the ignition is on or off, how fast a driver is moving and how many miles they have travelled. Also, if you go for a vehicle tracking system, you can opt to have daily emails covering unexpected driver behaviour. All this information could prove useful when it comes to ensuring your fleet is running efficiently.

You do not have to be a technical wizard in order to get to grips with the tracking systems. We provide a user-friendly interface that has a number of convenient features. For example, at the mere click of a button, you can re-play journeys. You can also pinpoint the location of any vehicle past or present with a single click of the mouse.