Track your fleet.

Connect the Future of Fleet Management to your Business

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Track your fleet. Anywhere, anytime, from any device

Live Tracking, every 60 seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from any global location on any desktop or mobile device.

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Run detailed reports to capture vital fleet management information

Fleetsmart provide a comprehensive report suite delivering information in a variety of formats with a multitude of fleet management information & KPIs. We have the in house facility to tailor these reports where required.

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Lower Fleet Operating Costs

Utilise your fleet more efficiently, Route Optimally, Reduce Unauthorised Usage, Reduce Excess Idling and overall reduce the cost of running your fleet. Operating a fleet has never been more costly...Fleetsmart can help your business change this.

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Increase your bottom line!

Produce Accurate Time Sheets, Eliminate false overtime claims, Save 10-15% on annual fuel Spend and even add Fleetsmart driver witness cameras to ensure you have no unnecessary insurance claims

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Join 1,800+ satisfied users of Fleetsmart tracking 15,000+ vehicles daily!