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Fleetsmart is the ultimate fleet and asset monitoring solution and is entirely flexible in respect of both the solution itself and the financial package terms.

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“The whole Fleetsmart  team provide efficient friendly support pre and post sales, the system offers value for money, ease of use, and covers all the rudiments of vehicle management”
Graham Ruddick, Cogent Breeding
“Using Fleetsmart, I have reduced my fuel bill and increased productivity through a combination of real time tracking and using the various reports.”
Carl Rowe, Datasol Ltd.
“Fleetsmart’s fleet tracking system really has changed the way in which we do business. If your business has vehicles and staff on the road then this system is a must. We would struggle without it in today’s world.”
Lynda Cartledge, 4com plc
“Your system it does everything we need it to do and is very simple to use. We would recommend your company to anyone who requires tracking devices.”
Robert Dickel, Image Security
“Since using the Fleetsmart system we have reduced our fuel bills by 20% as we can now monitor usage at weekends and evenings.”
Lee Rowlinson, Compass Gas
“The Fleetsmart system from JWS I believe is without doubt the best tracking system I have seen or trialled on the market today.”
Tony Shelton, Courier Logistics
Have you ever wanted to know how Fleetsmart technology works to bring you real time fleet management information? If so, please check out the “How it Works” video by clicking below.
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Fleet Tracking

Continual Live Updates, Complete Reporting Suite, Street View Mapping
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Asset Tracking

Wired & Wireless operation, Accurate to 5 metres, Secure valuable assets
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Motorcycle Tracking

Lone worker security, Increased personal security, Usage in rental vehicles
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Personal Tracking

Protect valuable assets, Minimise Insurance claims, Analyse ride speeds
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Running a business comes with an enormous amount of responsibility, and if your business is vehicle-based then just one of them will be keeping an eye on your drivers at all times. It’s essential that you know where they are and when both for efficiency and security purposes, and an accurate vehicle tracking system will allow you to do just that.

Why Might You Need Vehicle Tracking Systems?

You might need vehicle tracking systems if, for example, you own a taxi firm, a delivery business or any other kind of company where vehicles are at the heart of the organisation. With vehicle tracking devices and reporting software you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your drivers to ensure that everything’s running smoothly whilst cutting down on any unauthorised overtime or payment/expenses claims at the same time, often being a great way to increase productivity and the overall efficiency of your business.

With this form of fleet tracking you’ll get real-time information so you’ll know exactly where your drivers are at any one time, and this can be a great way to keep an eye on things. You might also want to use vehicle tracking to advise them of an alternative route to save time, or you could add on another destination without interfering in their work.

Convenient Fleet Tracking with Vehicle Tracking Devices

Thanks to the latest in technological developments, you now have the power to take charge of your fleet tracking needs with the minimum of hassle. Vehicle tracking devices and the accompanying software can easily be installed, set up and monitored, and with most vehicle tracking devices and processes being easy to use you’ll have no problem getting a vehicle tracking system that perfectly meets your needs.

Let GPS Vehicle Tracking Give You Added Peace of Mind

And, with the influx and convenience of GPS vehicle tracking systems, you have even more control over your fleet. By using GPS vehicle tracking you can get up-to-the-minute information of where your vehicles and drivers are and what they’re doing, and with accurate records and mapping facilities you’ll easily be able to track their route and can go back to it at a later date if needs be.

Trust Fleetsmart to Give You the Best Vehicle Tracking Systems on the Market

But, if you want vehicle tracking systems to be of any use, you need to get them from the experts. That’s the only way to ensure you’ll have complete control over your vehicle tracking processes, and if you get the best systems you can be sure of your complete satisfaction. That’s why you need to come to us here at Fleetsmart for your GPS vehicle tracking needs.

At Fleetsmart, we can provide you with state-of-the-art GPS vehicle tracking devices so you never have to worry about where any member of your fleet is. It can give you an exceptional level of control so you’re in charge at every step of the way, meaning that every aspect of fleet tracking is properly taken care of.

With our GPS vehicle tracking systems you can be sure of the best, and you can easily track all of your drivers from your very own PC. You get the vehicle tracking devices and the related software to offer you the complete package, and with an easy-to-understand user interface, instant real-time status updates and even Google Streetview tracking you can be sure that every aspect of vehicle tracking is under control.

Fleet Tracking You Can Rely On

When it comes to fleet tracking, we know you expect the best. Luckily for you that’s what we offer – the best vehicle tracking systems around so you can be sure of total satisfaction. You can be confident that you can rely on our vehicle tracking systems implicitly to give you the performance and the efficiency that you’re looking for, and thanks to GPS vehicle tracking you’ll soon notice the difference.

Vehicle Tracking Tailored to Your Precise Needs

As much as we know how essential fleet tracking can be, we also understand that every business is different and as such will have different fleet vehicle tracking needs. That’s why we tailor-make all of our GPS vehicle tracking packages to give you the vehicle tracking systems that you’re looking for, offering you the best level of service and performance possible.

So, why go anywhere else? When you come to us here at Fleetsmart you can be sure of finding vehicle tracking devices and systems that perfectly meet your needs, giving you a fleet tracking system you can rely on. Come to us today to discuss your individual vehicle tracking needs, and we’re confident we’ll have the vehicle tracking devices that can meet them.