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5 Vehicle Tracking Add ons to Improve Fleet Efficiency

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Vehicle tracking has come quite a long way since the old days of having your drivers call in whenever they made stops. Various technological improvements have brought with them higher standards of excellence that make it easier to improve your fleet’s overall efficiency.

Although there are definitely a lot of great fleet tracking add ons that lead to operational improvements, some are more popular than others. Here are five essentials that truly make a big difference.

    1. Map Integration

Normally, GPS fleet tracking lets you pinpoint each vehicle in your fleet with extreme precision. The best tracking systems also allow you to plot this data on a regular digital road map so that you can easily find your drivers at all times.

    1. Mobile Reports

Vehicle tracking software that makes checking in inconvenient is practically worthless. If you had time to follow all your vehicles around, you wouldn’t need tracking. Mobile reporting allows you to check in on your fleet at any time from your device of choice using Android or iPhone apps.

    1. Engine Status

One of the most loved features of modern tracking systems is their inclusion of the engine start and stop record. This ordered information logs the exact time when your vehicles were turned on and off. This feature makes it much easier to see exactly how your drivers are using your vehicles.

    1. Daily Travel Usage

It’s important to know not only where your fleet is but also how it got there. Travel usage reports allow you to view daily records of your GPS fleet tracking data so that you can analyse the paths your drivers took. You can thus learn to avoid highly congested routes and modify your shipments so they reach more consumers per trip.

    1. Driver Analysis Reporting

A favourite feature among fleet managers, driver analysis lets you pull up numerous driver statistics instantly. You can see how long trips took, how much time drivers spent idle and how fast they went. Driver analysis reporting makes it easy to compare your employees side-by-side.