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Over the last two years Fleetsmart have fully equipped our company fleet of 105 cars. We have been able to optimise the time our staff spend on the road. Our drivers are more accountable and maintain our corporate reputation at all times. Fleetsmart have always provided excellent levels of service and support at all times. Their fleet tracking system really has changed the way in which we do business. If your business has vehicles and staff on the road then this system is a must. We would struggle without it in today’s world.

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Lynda Cartledge, 4com plc

The whole Fleetsmart team provide efficient friendly support pre and post sales, the system offers value for money, ease of use, and covers all the rudiments of vehicle management, I found the “alerts” to be particularly useful in monitoring and managing driver behaviour. I can access 24 x 7 at home or on the move.

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Graham Ruddick, Cogent Breeding

Since installing Fleetsmart and entering all of my relevant customer information as Points of Interest I can now produce reports that provide information such as how long my guys are on site. Using this information I can bill my customers for the correct time using a report I produce once a month. I have also reduced my fuel bill and increased productivity through a combination of real time tracking and using the various reports.

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Carl Rowe, Datasol Ltd

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